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ICE STONE surface maintenance

For ICE STONE surface maintenance, remember these 3 tips!

  1. Immediately wipe all spills with damp cloth and water.
  2. Use recommended countertop cleaner weekly. Using a product that is free of chlorine bleach, ammonia or citrus scents.
  3. Always use trays, trivets or cutting boards to protect the surfaces.

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Spot Cleaning Carpet Spills

Here are K&M Kleening’s Top 3 Tips for Spot Cleaning Carpet Spills:

  1. Take a clean white rag and gently blot up much of the spill as possible. Don’t rub it, just gently press on the towel until all the liquid is absorbed.
  2. Take a recommended carpet spotter spray area and perimeter let it set for approximately 3-5 minutes. Use a clean white rag and blot stain, again not rubbing it, until stain is removed.
  3. Spray area with plain water, using clean white rag to blot area. At this point you can lightly rub the area until dry.


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Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Here are K&M Kleening’s Top 3 Tips for Vinyl Floor Maintenance:

  1. Sweep the floor thoroughly giving close attention to all corners and edges.
  2. Damp mop (do not saturate) flooring with a neutral cleaner removing all soiled materials.
  3. Buff flooring periodically depending on the amount of traffic and usage. Most of the time its weekly.


Ask us how we can help you clean and renew your vinyl floors.!  CONTACT US

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