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  • K & M supplies labor services for drywall patching, repair and replacement.  Also provides renovation services consisting of cabinet replacements, flooring installation, both hard surface and carpet, doors, windows, etc.

Electrical Repair

  • We are able and capable of replacing and repairing Security lights, ballast, electrical outlets, furnaces, lights, etc.

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

  • K & M can assist our clients with minor plumbing repair from fixing leaky faucets, drains to repairing toilets urinals and drains.  K & M uses licensed professionals as required to get the job done.

Lawn Maintenance

  • This service includes regular lawn mowing, trimming and edging.  We also provide landscaping, mulching, bed cleanouts, tree and bush trimming.  Ground maintenance services include trash pickup, blowing and removing debris from sidewalks and walkways.

Snow Removal

  • This service is provided for both residential and commercial properties.  We service schools, communities, and commercial accounts.  Services provided for parking lots, streets, driveways and sidewalks.  Salting is also provided using a calcium-based product.

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