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Vinyl Floor Care

  • The maintaining of VCT requires a variety of services, that are consistent, but varies due to the different types of environment.  Depended upon the customers’ desires, the frequencies of Stripping, Waxing, Scrubbing and buffing will vary, but these four are always required.

Rubber Tile Care

  • Scrubbing with a mild chemical, picking up with a wet dry vacuum and rinsing thoroughly is desired.  After the floor has dried apply proper floor tile finish to obtain a nice clean, glossy look.  Regular mopping with a mild ph cleaner will help maintain the desired look as needed.

Wood Floor Care

  • Dust mop at least daily or more as required to keep floor dust and dirt free.  Damp mop spills, salt residue, etc. with a mild non-alkaline cleaner using a thoroughly wrung out mop.  Other care may require using a black or brown scrubbing pad, or 120 grit screen. Buffing and application of proper finish may also be required.

Quarry, Ceramic Tile Care

  • Sweeping and dust mopping of these surfaces are very important, as well as regularly mopping to keep down the grime and dirt that get down in the grout and crevices of the tile.  Scrubbing with a single disk unit, pressure washing and extraction are some of the methods used to remove stains, mold and mildew spores associated with high humid areas.

Laminate Floor Care

  • Sweeping, dust mopping and vacuum to remove loose dirt and grime.  Vacuuming gets dust and dirt between planks and edges.  Spot clean using manufacturers recommended products will assist in maintaining a nice clean look.  

Concrete Floor Care

  • Concrete flooring like other stone flooring with proper protection and maintenance can look new the lifetime of your building. Concrete is very porous and soaks up stains quickly requiring machine scrubbing or pressure washing to maintain its look.   Sealing a cement floor with an eco-friendly commercial sealer will save you time and money.  Polishing and resurfacing are additional methods used to maintain a clean fresh appearance.

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